There is no pantheon of deities in Yashira. There was one creator that we may look to as a deity, but he does not play an active part in the lives of the people. It is their belief that this creator – who’s name has been intentionally forgotten – was only that, a creator, and not an overseer or protector. He created all of that which is and left, leaving the djinn (spirits) and the people to look after his creations and each other.

Before, there was only everything. Then He came and separated the sky from the horizon, the seen from the unseen, the day from the night, the living from the dead, and the people from the creatures. All that was not before, now was, and so the people were grateful. They reached to the sky to thank Him, and he answered.

“Thank not me, but my creations instead. Thank the fire for its warmth, and the water for it’s quench. Thank the wind for its breeze and the earth for it’s support. Thank life for its gift, and death for it’s release. Remember not my name, but those who have come before you. Your ancestors will shape the world where you wake each day. Revere not my deeds, but those who sacrifice for you – the plants and animals that become your clothing, food, and shelter. You are of the seen, but forever linked to the unseen. Care for these things, and they will care for you.”

And so, His name has been forgotten, and His creations are cared for.


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